Writing text book of my style of acupuncture therapy

I have been writing a text book of acupuncture therapy which is my style since the last December 2018.
It is because I want to inform many people my acupuncture style.
Why I want to spread my method of acupuncture widely is because 
nobody knows Japanese acupuncturists are doing new style of that
except for that of traditional Chinese medicine.
The style of acupuncture is temporarily called 
"Tissue-selective Electric Acupuncture Therapy: TEAT".
Dr. Keishi Yoshikawa who used to be a professor in Tsukuba University in Japan
established this therapy about 35 years ago and have studied this for long time.
This is based on anatomy, physiology and pathology but ancient oriental theories.
And also this is made up of enormous scientific basic and clinical studies.
I believe you can find the effectiveness easily after one session of this therapy.
However, for learners many knowledge of basic medicine like anatomy and 
physiology and palpation skills are needed, of course needling technique as well.
It would be a bit tough to learn it for beginner.
This is why I am trying to make guide book for the therapy.

Dr. Keishi Yoshikawa Dr. Keishi YOSHIKAWA   


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I am Hiroki who is Japanese and working as a doctor of Traditional Oriental Medicine in City Clinic,Port Louis, Mauritius. I can provide the professional manual therapies for you because I used to be a professor in the university of Oriental Traditional Medicine in Japan. Try to take these therapies!!!