Acupuncture Needle we use in City Clinic

I use various types of needle which is made in Japan!!

SEIRIN is the best quality.

YUNIKO is reasonable.

Long Acupuncture Needle produced by MAEDA is very fine.

Electro Stimulator for Acupuncture produced by ITO-Cho-Tanpa has lots of mode of stimulation. 



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Re: Mr
> Hi Sir I have found your page very useful and I would like to try acupuncture. How can I contact you?
Thanks for your asking. If you are in Mauritius please call to 206 1600 and ask for Mrs. Salma about my therapy.木下
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I am Hiroki who is Japanese and working as a doctor of Traditional Oriental Medicine in City Clinic,Port Louis, Mauritius. I can provide the professional manual therapies for you because I used to be a professor in the university of Oriental Traditional Medicine in Japan. Try to take these therapies!!!